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13:18Whitney Hills

     Since my website is under construction, and I'm meeting a whole bunch of new potential clients next week, I thought I'd put up a new "about me" blog. So you know what you're all in for. Cue evil laughter...
I'm currently sitting in a pile of boxes, dishes, everything, waiting to move to Liberty Village after spending a summer in Butt Fuck Nowhere (aka Keele and Eglinton). I CANNOT wait to meet some new vibrant young people looking to get their butts whipped in the upcoming months!
       I LOVE working out, and I especially how awesome it makes you feel. Some days I'd rather sit on the couch and each fried chicken, but 80% of the time I get to to the gym and eat my veggies. I'm not crazy obsessed with fitness, I don't subscribe to the latest trends or classes, I don't spend my (all of) my spare time watching fitness videos or food documentaries. I love seeing my clients succeed, I love to watch their faces when I make them do bench jump/burpee combinations, and I love getting follow up text messages saying that they are waddling the next day. I'm a real person, not some perfect fitness goddess. However, I can't sit still for long and love getting out and moving. I have competed in fitness competitions and love pushing myself to change and sculpt my body.
     I have a degree in Nutrition and Food, and a minor in psychology, which has helped me to understand behavior change. This is definitely important when trying to get people to change their behaviours and beliefs around food and activity. Many of my clients have dealt with mental health issues, physical injuries, chronic disease and illness, artificial limbs and seniors as old as 87. I am flexible and easy going, and prefer to encourage my clients to be healthy rather than yell and belittle them. I believe you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. I also demand to be treated with the same respect. This is my profession, not a hobby. Please respect my time. Don't forget fitness is a journey. It doesn't happen overnight, but every workout with shape your future body and being consistent is the most important tip that I can give you.
      Looking forward to the next few years in Liberty. xoxo



MARION:Under Whitney's watchful eye, I have strengthened the muscles throughout my body, I no longer wobble when pulling on my jeans, look 20 years younger “up on top” and in my arms and feel better to boot! People cannot believe I am almost 78 years old, including my doctor!

EVA: Working out with Whitney has been an amazing experience. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. She provides excellent instruction, is patient, encouraging and knows how to motivate me.

I had never worked out at a gym regularly, as I found it boring and hated the experience every time I tried. After training with Whitney, I experienced amazing results with my body. I am healthier, happier and stronger. In addition, I have a much greater confidence, strength and general understanding of what I can do.

I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who is looking to reach their fitness goals. She sets personal goals for you and is constantly encouraging you to reach these goals in a fun positive way.
I never thought I'd say this but I actually look forward to working out now.

ANNEMARIE: My name is Anne-Marie Ludwig and I am a recent graduate from Canada’s National Ballet School located in Toronto, ON. I had always been a very active/athletic person due to the nature of my area of study and its physical requirements, but after taking a year off of going to the gym to workout outside of school, I noticed that I had put on enough weight for a dancer or anyone in general. I decided that I would go back to the gym to whip myself back into my previous shape.
After working out at the gym for about 6 months without seeing the results that I wanted, I decided to hire a personal trainer who ended up being Whitney Hills. Whitney made it possible for me to reach my fitness goals by giving me a lot of courage, support, guidance and information on not only fitness but nutrition as well. After less than 3 months working with Whitney (once a week) I was able to lose more than 7 lbs as well as over 3% body fat, which was quite remarkable since I was already quite fit from my training inside and outside of school. Weight training with her was very effective and did not take much time for me to do making it possible for me to do it at least 3 times a week, since her programs were tailored for my specific goals and needs. I found that I lost quite a few inches (3 off my waist alone) while still being able to maintain the muscle mass that I already had as well as building even more definition and muscle while evening out my physical symmetry.
Other trainers in the gym noticed my physical transformation as well as family and friends alike. Without drastic weight loss or dieting, Whitney was able to help me transform my body into not only what it was before, but even stronger and more defined.
I would have loved to continue to work with Whitney, and I could not even imagine the results I may have gotten being able to do so multiple times a week! She is an excellent trainer without being harsh, discouraging or intimidating. Her easy going, yet firm instructions helped me to regain my confidence, and identity as a dancer and a person once again.

FLORENCE: SPT for Super Personal Trainer. Definitely several notches above the competition. One of the best decision I ever made was to sign up for training with Whitney.

She listened to my concerns, assessed accurately my weaknesses and trained me accordingly, never incurring any injury work out related. She stayed away from generic training program routines and customized every exercise to meet my goals.

Last year she helped me to stay fit while in rehab for a rotator cuff injury, sustained following a bad fall in the street, and then designed the right program to strengthen the shoulder and get back to a normal level of fitness regime. A few months later she helped me again to prepare for some difficult dental surgeries by providing nutrition advice to deal with post surgery difficulties.
Most recently she convinced me to make a slight adjustment to my otherwise healthy eating habits by starting the day with oats and whey protein. This resulted in the loss of 6 very stubborn pounds I carried for many years.
Now at 61, I feel good, fitter and younger. Thank you for your ongoing encouragements and for going beyond the call of duty.

CHRISTINA: When I joined Yonge Street Fitness Club a year ago I thought I knew how to train myself to reach my goals. After a month or more of no results I decided to try personal training.

Since working with Whitney I've been able to surpass all my goals and become stronger and fitter than I could have ever imagined. With her guidance, support and friendship working out has become fun and challenging, she always finds ways to switch up the mundane routines and take into consideration my personal well being while pushing me to my absolute limit. I never thought I could look like this and I look forward to seeing how much farther I can go with her guidance and support!

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